Employer Guidelines

Supporting LPNs with Significant Practice Problems

This guide is designed to assist LPNs, managers, administrators, clinical educators or other resource people who are working with LPNs experiencing significant and ongoing practice problems.

The guide identifies strategies managers can use to set the practice context and identify practice issues. Examples are offered on how to best describe practice problems and clarify expectations. There are also ideas for conducting a meeting and developing an improvement plan in collaboration with the LPN.

The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Nova Scotia has many resources available to help mangers, educators and members themselves manage practice issues. While practice issues of an LPN are being managed by the employer, CLPNNS serves as a consultant to the nurse and/or employer in that it offers support and resources that can be utilized in a nurses learning plan.

Addressing Unacceptable Practice

The professional conduct of all CLPNNS registrants is guided by the LPN Act and Regulation, CLPNNS Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics and By-laws. CLPNNS is responsible for establishing and enforcing Standards of Practice so that the public receives safe and ethical nursing care from competent nurses. While CLPNNS has the statutory responsibility to take action when a registrant’s ability to provide safe and appropriate nursing care is questioned, all registrants have a responsibility to report unsafe practice or unacceptable behaviour to the regulatory body in certain situations.

The following guidelines can help nurses and others meet their legal and ethical obligations to protect the public both within and beyond the workplace.

Download the Employer Guidelines in PDF format.

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