Engagement Loop

Welcome to the Engagement Loop. The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Nova Scotia (CLPNNS, or the College) is committed to providing opportunities for feedback from a diverse range of members and stakeholders. This is to ensure our resources are relevant, accurate and reflective of today’s healthcare environment.

Being engaged means participation and contribution. When members are engaged they understand what it means to be self-regulated and are aware of the activities associated with self-regulation.  The ‘Loop’ is a consultation feedback process where the College engages members by seeking their feedback and members engage the College by providing their feedback. Engagement is important for both the members and the College.

The College is currently seeking feedback on the following document(s):

Administration of Intravenous Medication

This document was first published in 2012 and has been revised for 2017.

Click HERE to read the document Click HERE to provide feedback Feedback closes May 30

Proposal for Modification to the Scope of Practice for RNs and LPNs: Improving Access to Naloxone in Overdose Situations and Take Home Naloxone Kits

Nurses in Nova Scotia can play a significant role in improving access to at-risk clients requiring Naloxone. The College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia (CRNNS) and the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Nova Scotia (CLPNNS) are requesting a modification to the scope of practice of RNs and LPNs under the Nova Scotia Regulated Health Professions Network Regulations (s. 4) to authorize RNs and LPNs to:

  1. Administer Naloxone as a life-saving measure under their own authority; and
  2. Provide take-home Naloxone kits under their own authority.

In Nova Scotia, first responders (e.g. paramedics and law enforcement personnel) have been supplied with Naloxone and educated to administer the medication in suspected overdose situations. Currently, RNs and LPNs require an order from a nurse practitioner or physician to administer and/or provide Naloxone, which can limit timely access for clients who require this medication. RNs and LPNs in other jurisdictions, including British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario are authorized to administer Naloxone in an emergency situation or provide take-home Naloxone kits autonomously.

We are seeking your input on this proposed change to the scope of practice.

Click HERE to read the document Your feedback & comments should be sent to Bruce Holmes (bruce.holmes@nsrhpn.ca). Feedback closes June 12, 2017