2018 Award Winners

Award of Excellence

Each year, CLPNNS’s Award of Excellence in Nursing Practice recognizes LPNs for their dedication to the nursing profession. This year we recognized four outstanding nurses with this award for their excellence in their every-day practice and commitment to the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for LPNs.

Jacqueline McNeil, LPN

Jacqueline (“Jackie”) McNeil was nominated by her co-worker Peggy Meagher for an Award of Excellence.

Jackie is an active member of the nursing profession and her nominator praises her dedication and hard work. She sits on several committees, including Practice Council. She is also recognized for ensuring staff are following policies that are most current and best practice.

Her nominator says that Jackie gives exceptional care to her patients and promotes client-centered care, noting “Jackie cares so much about her patients and takes pride in giving top notch safe care.”

Jackie’s positivity and enthusiasm engages others. According to her nominator, Nursing Week is Jackie’s favourite week of the year. She celebrates by making posters and displays for her workplace. In addition, her nominator says that Jackie “puts each of the staff’s names on their desk with inspiring positive words for each letter of their name. We have more than 40 staff and she does this for everyone.”

Known for her high degree of caring and compassion, Jackie’s nominator notes, “Jackie is very dedicated to our unit and patients. She does many social things such as decorating for holidays on her days off which may not be nursing practice, but it speaks to how kind, generous and selfless she really is. This is how she works all the time with her patients and their families.”

Congratulations on receiving this award, Jackie!

Annie Mae Stevens, LPN

Recognized as an outstanding role model by her nominators, Annie Mae Stevens was nominated by two NSCC faculty co-workers, Vicki Paddick and Terri-Lynn Lane, for an Award of Excellence. Annie Mae is recognized by her nominators for her high level of dedication, work ethic and professionalism.

Annie Mae is known for her passion for the profession and her ability to teach others in a caring and engaging manner. Her nominators say, “She looks for every learning opportunity to enrich her students’ learning through her own lived experiences as a nurse while instilling the practice and commitment to the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for Licensed Practical Nurses.”

Annie Mae is a teacher, a leader and an innovator. Her nominators note that she is a role model for both students and faculty. She is recognized for practicing collaboratively by involving other faculty, students and hospital staff in various settings.

Annie Mae provides valuable feedback to students and takes the time to support their progress in the program. For example, when a student is having difficulty performing a new skill, she takes the time to accurately document and to discuss with the student areas of strength and ways to grow. In addition, she informs students of needed changes to follow best practice to provide safe, competent, compassionate and ethical care to clients.

A forward-thinking leader, Annie Mae’s nominators say she “is making a difference and impact to healthcare and the nursing profession in preparing the next generation of practical nurses.”

Congratulations on receiving this award, Annie Mae!

Theresa Dewar, LPN

Theresa Dewar was nominated by Heather Shepherd, Director of Care at Glen Haven Manor for an Award of Excellence. Theresa has worked at the long-term care facility in New Glasgow for more than 40 years.

Her nominator notes: “Residents respond warmly to Theresa’s expertise, her selfless dedication and her down to earth, friendly manner. She knows every detail about them and makes it a point to be part of lifestyle experiences and special memories as well as their care.”

A lifelong learner, Theresa has continuously taken part in professional development opportunities during her career. In addition, she regularly shares her knowledge with others.  Theresa’s peers and supervisors are motivated by Theresa and all note her strong resident focus, extraordinary work ethic and ability to tend to all aspects of the residents’ wellbeing.

Theresa is recognized as a “go to” person at Glen Haven Manor. She is an inspiring nurse and according to her nominator, “Nursing at Glen Haven and providing quality care for others is in Theresa Dewar’s DNA – it is clearly a great passion and what she was born to do.”

Known as a nursing leader and role model, Theresa continuously looks for innovative solutions and goes above and beyond the call of duty. Her nominator says: “She is a dedicated nursing professional and health care leader of the highest standard who has made an undeniable and indelible mark on the quality of care delivered at Glen Haven for these four decades.”

Congratulations on receiving this award, Theresa!

Tracy Mahaney, LPN

Tracey Mahaney was nominated by her co-worker Cheryl Burbidge for an Award of Excellence. Tracy has been working in an acute care setting in Kentville since graduating in 1983. In addition, she is a casual instructor with the NSCC for the LPN program.

Tracy is recognized for balancing a heavy workload while making sure there is the best care for the clients in her department. She is known for her professionalism, client advocacy and her compassion for her patients. Her nominator says, “Tracy treats her patients as she would like all nursing staff to treat her own family members.”

In addition, Tracy is known for her collaboration and partnership in her professional relationships: “Tracy’s assessments are taken in advisement as she has proven herself to be a skilled member of the medical team at Valley Regional.”

Known as a role model, her nominator notes “Tracy’s experience, skills, abilities, and commitment to a high level of nursing care set an example to the other LPNs and new RNs. All of them come to Tracy for advice and guidance for their practice. Tracy continually sets an example that expands to her coworkers.”

Tracy guides LPN students in their hospital practice for four weeks in the spring. According to her nominator: “Tracy’s commitment to a high standard of nursing care is being instilled in our new LPN graduates. This is a benefit not only to those students but to the patients and clients that they will serve. Tracy sets an example of for all of us to aspire to.”

Congratulations on receiving this award, Tracy!

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement award recognizes and honours the outstanding contributions made by an LPN over the span of their career (25 or more years). This LPN has played a pivotal role in the practical nursing profession through leadership, advocacy and excellence in practice. The recipient is a role model for the profession, an inspiration to others, a strong communicator, a recognized leader, and demonstrates the principles of inter-professional collaboration.

Vivian Breen, LPN

This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is Vivian Breen. Vivian was nominated for this award by her co-worker, Nancy Thompson. Vivian graduated from Camp Hill Hospital in 1963 and she currently works part-time at Ivey’s Terrace Nursing Home.

Vivian has a long and exemplary work history with a broad base of knowledge. For example, during her career she worked at the Halifax Infirmary, the old children’s hospital, the Cape Breton County Hospital and Sydney City Hospital. In addition, she was also the first licensed staff to work at Valley View Villa Nursing Home in Stellarton. According to her nominator, due to her wide range of experience as an LPN, “Vivien personifies the fact that her profession is an art form as well as a science.”

Throughout her 54-year career, Vivian has been highly engaged in the LPN profession. Vivian served on the Board of Directors of the Nova Scotia Nurses Union (NSNU) from 1983 to 2002 as the Northern Region Representative for RNs and LPNs. While Vivian was on the NSNU Board of Directors she also served on many committees including Finance, Human Relations, Personnel and Education. She was also the LPN representative for Acute and Long-Term Care for NSNU for all of Nova Scotia. Vivian is presently serving as her local union’s president and has been in the role for more than 20 years. In addition, she currently sits as a panel member for the College’s Complaints and Professional Conduct Committee.

Vivian is a dedicated self-directed learner and regularly incorporates new evidence in her practice.  According to her nominator, “Vivian meets and surpasses expectations by continually learning and excelling in a field with an ever-changing scope of practice. She has acquired a great knowledge base and she is excellent at collaborating with the pharmacy, doctors and co-workers to provide a high standard of care for her residents.”

Vivian is known for providing compassionate care and always putting the needs and comfort of her residents first and foremost. According to her nominator, “Vivian presents herself in a professional manner with her empathy, knowledge and choice of words and tactfulness, to everyone she is in contact with, be it residents, family, coworkers, pharmacists or doctors.”

Vivian is recognized as a leader that promotes excellence and advances the practical nursing profession by example. According to her nominators, “Vivian encourages all of us to continue learning and to contribute to the nursing profession through personal involvement. I can think of no one more deserving of this award.”

Congratulations on receiving this award, Vivian!