Ask a Practice Consultant

Do you have a practice question? Ask a Practice Consultant by e-mail.

You can also contact us by telephone at 902-425-8517 or toll-free (within Nova Scotia) at 1-800-718-8517.

The information discussed in all practice calls is confidential. CLPNNS does not discuss any information shared during the consultation process without the written consent of the caller. However, staff may seek counsel with appropriate advisers internal and external to CLPNNS to ensure they have the most accurate information to provide the best practice advice to callers.  The Professional Practice Consultant is obligated to disclose the contents of a consultation to the appropriate person/agency, without the consent of the caller, if in good faith they believe the caller has self-disclosed information which is professional misconduct, conduct unbecoming, incompetence, incapacity or a risk to the public.

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