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The College is the Board of Directors

Licensed practical nurses in Nova Scotia are governed by the College.  The Board of Directors is responsible for the College’s mandate to serve and protect the public interest.  The Board of Directors is made up of 11 individuals: Six actively practicing LPNs who are elected through an elections process representing the Electoral Districts; four public members are appointed by Governor-in-Council; and, one representative from the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia (CRNNS).  The Board has a number of functions to fulfill.  These functions include:

  • Providing accountability and linkages between the members and the College;
  • Ensuring the College is fulfilling its mandates as outlined in the LPN Act and that operations are consistent with College By-laws;
  • Developing and reviewing annually the College’s strategic plan and directions;
  • Establishing governing policies in accordance with the governing legislation, for the effective management of the College;
  • Ensuring the College is managed on a sound financial basis which includes approving the annual budget; and
  • Selecting, supporting and evaluating the Executive Director, whose role is to carry out and implement the decisions of the Board of Directors.

The Board makes decisions that are important to LPNs.  Such decisions include making changes to the Entry to Practice requirements, Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, professional conduct processes, or establishing need for continuing competence program or requirements (i.e. health assessment and pharmacology).  All decisions by the Board are made in the public interest with an understanding of the profession and the settings in which practical nursing is practiced.  The Board meets on a regular basis four to five times a year.

2018 Board of Directors


Jason Reeves, LPN
District 2

Anne Burgess, LPN
District 1

Gail Robicheau, LPN
District 3

Theresa MacDonald, LPN
District 4

Rosita MacNeil, LPN
District 5

Cora Lee Dowding, LPN
District 6

Cathy Walls, RN MN
Appointed by the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia

Public Members*:

Susan Nasser

Betty Thomas



*appointed by government

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