Continuing Competence Program (CCP)

A continuing competence program (CCP) is a formal system of assessing the ongoing knowledge, skills and judgment of any professional practitioner. Continuing competence programs are considered to be best practice . The College ensures LPNs are participating in their CCP thorough an annual verification process or audit. Click to read the CCP Audit FAQ.

How continuing competence programs protect the public
Continuing competence programs provides a level of assurance to the public that LPNs are continuously meeting their professional practice standards. Professional standards are the hallmarks of  safe, competent, ethical and compassionate LPN practice.

How continuing competence programs support licensed practical nurses and practical nurse practice
Continuing competence programs require the LPN to identify opportunities to broaden their knowledge base, increase their skill capacity or enhance their individual scope of practice, ultimately achieving professional growth throughout their nursing career.

How continuing competence programs help the practical nurse profession
Every LPN in every practice context is required to participate in the competence program every year they maintain an active practicing license. This is without regard to whether they are working as an LPN or not. Participation in the CCP by every individual nurse boosts the professional contribution to the nursing profession (and healthcare sector) by practical nurses and increases the viability of the practical nurse profession.

Getting Started

Continuing Competence Program Education Session

Frequently Asked Questions

Continuing Competence Program Documents

Continuing Competence Program Audit Statistics

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