College Committees

Committee Members, Document Reviewers and Exam Invigilators

Every year the College puts a call out to licensed practical nurses (LPNs) in good standing, who are interested in serving on a College committee, being a document reviewer or exam invigilator. Participating in the activities of the College is an important element of being a self-regulated professional.

Committee appointments are typically for a two year period commencing in February in even years. Re-appointments are possible. The time commitment for committee or review work is variable and dependent upon the nature of the work itself.

Current Committees

  • Complaints Committee: Each complaint about an LPN’s practice received by the College is thoroughly investigated. The Complaints Committee (whose members include active practicing LPNs and public representatives) reviews the findings of the investigation(s) and determines how to manage the complaint.
  • Continuing Competence Program (CCP) Committee: Members who are selected for CCP verification must submit their annual learning plans for review. Committee members review each plan to determine if it meets the requirements of the CCP.
  • Document Reviewers: You will be asked to review and provide feedback on new or revised documents.
  • Education Committee*: Evaluates the findings of Practical Nursing program reviews and makes recommendations to the Board.
  • Professional Conduct Committee: Complaints unable to be resolved by the Complaints Committee are referred to a Professional Conduct Committee for further review.
  • Ad Hoc Committee: This committee is struck as necessary to address a variety of issues.


Apply to join one of our committees.

*This committee is by appointment only.

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