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If you are getting ready to immigrate to Nova Scotia click here.

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Thank you for your interest in immigrating to the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada.  We are pleased that you are considering Nova Scotia as a new home and a place to practice in the Nursing profession.

If you are just exploring the possibility of immigrating to Canada or you have already been accepted, this letter will give you information and key links.  Nova Scotia needs nurses so we encourage you to get started today!


For more information or advice on immigration, please email and an officer of the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration will respond to you.


Nursing is a regulated occupation in Canada which means that you must be registered or licensed to work as a Nurse.  There are two kinds of nurses in Nova Scotia, Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses.

  • To apply to be a Registered Nurse (RN) in Nova Scotia please visit
  • To apply to be a Licensed Practical Nurse in Nova Scotia, you must apply through the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS).
  • You can also visit the CLPNNS website  There is a self-assessment on this  website which is a great way to start. There is also valuable information about programs such as “Pathway to Success”.


  • To work as a Nurse in Nova Scotia, you need a high level of English language.  You may need to take a English language assessment.  Consult the CLPNNS website for information on language proficiency.
  • To apply to immigrate as a Federal Skilled Worker, you will also need to demonstrate language proficiency.
  • Start as soon as possible!  Participate in English language classes in your home country.  Try the “self-directed study online” language courses offered by Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS). These are open to you even if you do not have immigration status.


To explore the demand for nurses & related careers in Nova Scotia visit these two websites: and

To prepare a resume that meets Canadian standards, look at the following resource.  It is important to include details about your education & work experience, but do not include personal information about your age, marital status, family, religion etc.  Canadian resumes also do not include photos.


To immigrate to Canada as a Skilled Worker or to enter as a Temporary Foreign Worker, you need to have an “arranged job offer”.  This is a challenge.   These links may help you find potential employers in Nova Scotia.


Once you are approved to immigrate, Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) can provide additional programs and services to help with employment, language learning and general settlement in the province of Nova Scotia.  You can start these programs before you arrive.