Important Notice: The New National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS)

Effective August 12th 2014, in order to be a nurse in Canada, all internationally educated nurses (IENs) are required to apply to the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) for document evaluation and verification.

Any IEN who has applied to CLPNNS prior to August 8, 2014, please contact Katherine Sullivan for information related to your application status.

What will this mean for the Internationally Educated Nurse Applicant?
NNAS coordinates a fair and consistent national approach for IENs seeking registration/licensure to practise in a Canadian province (except Quebec and the Territories).

This national process provides the following:

  • Ability to complete  the application online and to pay for the initial assessment online;
  • One central location to send your documents;
  • A centralized credential assessment process;
  • Access to a customer care telephone number with service in English or French (1-855-977-1898);
  • Ability to track the status of your application online through the NNAS website.

What if I have already submitted an application to CLPNNS?
If you have already submitted your paid application to (CLPNNS), prior to August 8, 2014, your application will be assessed under our previous process.

For more information please contact:

Katherine Sullivan
Administrative Assistant – Registration and Professional Conduct Services
Telephone (902) 423-9280
Toll Free in NS 1 (800) 718-8517 Fax (902) 425-6811