Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination

Each nomination must include a written statement of support (minimum of 500 words) describing why this nominee deserves this award. Be clear and specific; support your statement with examples of how the nominee demonstrates exemplary levels of knowledge, skill, judgment (competence), compassion, professionalism, leadership, communication, and collaboration. You should be sure to provide details on how your nominee meets the nomination criteria for the selected award.

Close your written statement with an example of how the nominee promotes excellence and advances the practical nurse profession.

The College may contact you or the nominee for further information and/or clarification.

If you have any questions regarding the nomination process, please contact the College at 902-423-8517 (toll-free within Nova Scotia: 1-800-718-8547) option 3 or 4 or by email at

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Nominee's Primary Manager*:

(*For those nominees who are retired, please indicate most recent manager.)

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Written Statement of Nomination

Describe why you feel the nominee deserves the Lifetime Achievement Award and how they meet the award selection criteria. Nominations must be a minimum of 500 words.


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Before you submit your nomination…

  • Have you made it clear how the nominee meets selection criteria?
  • Is all required contact information clear and accurate?

    Not able to use the form above? Download the PDF version: Lifetime Acheivement Award Nominiaton Form.