Nova Scotia Practical Nursing Graduates

Initial Registration and Licensure for Nova Scotia Practical Nursing Graduates

The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Nova Scotia (CLPNNS) is dedicated to the well-being of the public through the delivery of exceptional regulatory services that promotes safe, ethical and competent nursing services. The College has the responsibility to review all documents related to the application in the registration and licensure process.

All documents received by CLPNNS through the application process are the property of CLPNNS and can only be released to another regulatory body with written permission from the applicant. Documents will not be released to the applicant or any third party unless required by law.

Note: Only official documents are accepted. Official documents are defined as documents that have been sent in a sealed envelope directly by the issuing authority. All documents must be submitted in English. Translation of the documents is the responsibility of the applicant, and must be completed by an official translator. CLPNNS will accept copies of Canadian issued documents. Any identification documents issued from outside of Canada must be a ‘certified true copy’. A certified true copy is defined as a copy of a primary document that has been endorsed or certified by a notary.

Initial Registration and Licensure Process

This application is for an applicant who has completed a Nova Scotia Practical Nursing Program and has not been registered or licensed anywhere in Canada.

Step #1 – How to Apply to Write the CPNRE

All graduates of an approved Nova Scotia Practical Nursing Education Program applying for registration and licensure are required to successfully pass the Canadian Practical Nurses Registration Exam (CPNRE). Graduates have three opportunities to write the exam within two years of receiving approval from CLPNNS. The writings occur three times a year (January/February, May/June and September/October) and are spanned over four weeks.  You must have your Examination Fee of $300.00 paid to CLPNNS no later than eight weeks prior to the scheduled exam writing. You are able to pay with Visa or MasterCard, or by money order payable to CLPNNS.

For Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) graduates who have agreed to have their CPNRE fee ($300.00) applied to their Student Account, NSCC will submit the fee to CLPNNS. If the applicant has not agreed to have the CPNRE fee applied to their Student Account, the applicant is responsible to pay the fee directly to CLPNNS. The CPNRE Fee is non-refundable after the exam has been purchased by CLPNNS.

Note: It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that CLPNNS has received the CPNRE application and fee. The applicant and educational institution are responsible to ensure the “Verification of Program Status” form has been submitted directly from the educational institution prior to the due date.

Please Complete:

Once you are approved and placed on the nominal roll to write the CPNRE you will be sent an email from CLPNNS. Within the following week you will receive an email from the test vendor (PearsonVUE) with information on how to schedule an appointment to write.

Please Review:

Step #2 – How to Become a Member of the College (Registration/Licensure)

Complete the Application for Initial Registration and Licensure in Nova Scotia and submit the application directly to CLPNNS with the following:

  • Photocopy of your Government Issued Identification with Photo (Passport/Driver’s License);
  • Photocopy of your Birth Certificate;
  • Copy of Name Change Certificate (marriage, etc.), if applicable;
  • Original Criminal Record Check (issued within 4 weeks of submitting to CLPNNS);
    • CLPNNS’s policy is that your criminal record check is not kept on file and is destroyed once it has been validated.
    • If you would like your criminal record check returned via mail, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your application.  If you do not include a self-addressed envelope, the criminal record check will be destroyed.
  • Copy of your request to send the completed official transcript directly to CLPNNS; and/or
  • Official Transcript of a completed Practical Nursing Program from Educational Institution (issued directly to CLPNNS);
  • Application Fee – $50.00;
  • Proof of completion of Nursing Jurisprudence (login details will be sent upon application);
  • Licensing Fee – $325.00 (to be paid when approved).

Please Note: CLPNNS will not proceed with your application until all of the above has been submitted. You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Cheque or Money Order. Cheques and Money Orders must be made payable to CLPNNS. There will be a $20.00 Administrative Charge for all Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF). Fees paid by postdated cheque will not be processed until the date indicated on the cheque. Please do not send cash through the mail.

The application fee for new graduates of a Nova Scotia Practical Nursing Program includes the privilege of a Graduate Practical Nursing (GPN) License.  The member holding a GPN is responsible to review the CLPNNS Administrative Policy – Scope of Practice of the Graduate Practical Nurse.

GPN Licensure Information:

  • valid for a maximum of 90 days;
  • available for the first six months after completion of a Practical Nursing Education Program;
  • has an expiry date noted on the proof of licensure document;
  • becomes invalid if you are unsuccessful in the first writing of the Canadian Practical Nurses Registration Exam (CPNRE); and
  • is non-renewable.

If you currently have a GPN license and have a change to your personal information (name/address/etc.), you will need to complete the Nova Scotia Practical Nursing Graduate Information Change form.

Licensure Information

When the Executive Director/Registrar is satisfied that the applicant meets all of the criteria for licensure, the applicant is eligible for one of the following licences:

  • active-practising licence (LPN);
  • active-practising licence with conditions or restrictions (LPN);
  • temporary licence (LPN); or
  • graduate practical nurse licence (GPN).

Applicants must meet the registration and licensing criteria as outlined in LPN Regulations (2009) Part 2 Section 10 (1) & (2).

The licensure year is from November 1st to October 31st. Active-practising licences must be renewed online annually between August 1st and October 31st.

Incomplete applications are retained for six months from the date of last contact. Applicants seeking to resume the registration process are required to re-apply and repay the required fees.

Completed applications are retained for three months from the date the applicant is informed of eligibility for initial registration in Nova Scotia. Applicants seeking to register after this period of time are required to re-apply.

All new members will receive an email with important information such as: CLPNNS user information, standards of practice, code of ethics, competency profile, practice guideline and position statements.

Under the LPN Act (2006) Section 42, any applicant/member convicted of an offense is required to advise the Executive Director/Registrar in writing of any such conviction within thirty days of the conviction being entered. If the applicant is denied registration and licensure by the Executive Director/Registrar, the applicant will be advised of the decision and may appeal through the Registration Appeal Process in accordance with LPN Act Section 16 & 17.

For further information related to Registration and Licensure please contact the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Nova Scotia.  The expected response time to issuing a licence or any inquiry is three to five business days.