Nursing Jurisprudence

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Starting in May of 2016, any individual wishing to register as an LPN in Nova Scotia (for the first time or re-registering after a five-year absence) will be required to successfully complete a Jurisprudence Learning Module and Exam.

LPNs already registered in Nova Scotia are not required to complete the learning module and exam, but may choose to do so as part of their own individual learning plan using the registration form below.

What does jurisprudence mean?
Jurisprudence is the scientific study or the application of the principles of law or justice.

What is nursing jurisprudence?
Nursing Jurisprudence is the application and interpretation of the principles of law or legal rules as they relate to the: practice of nursing; obligations nurses have to their clients, and; relationships nurses have with other nurses and health care professionals. Nursing jurisprudence is framed by federal and provincial legislation. The means LPNs in Nova Scotia must interpret their national Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics through existing provincial and federal legislation.

Click to read the Jurisprudence FAQ-2016

Registration Form for LPNs Already Registered in Nova Scotia

This form is only for LPNs currently licensed in Nova Scotia.

If you are required to complete jurisprudence as part of your initial registration in Nova Scotia, you will be sent login credentials and further information when your Application for Initial Registration in Nova Scotia is processed.

Before you begin

Download and read the Jurisprudence Learning Module and Exam reference guide and the Jurisprudence Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document. You may use these documents as references as you complete the module and exam.


The Jurisprudence Learning Module and Exam is an open book, self-directed online exam. You will need access to a computer and internet to complete the exam. A login ID and password will be emailed to you when your registration is processed.


You may not discuss, reproduce or share any part of the Learning Module or Exam without written consent of CLPNNS. Doing so, may nullify your exam results, prevent you from completing the exam in the future and/or be considered conduct unbecoming of the profession.

Continuing Competence Program

You may use completion the exam to satisfy your requirements for CCP in the year it was completed. If selected for CCP, simply submit the Certificate of Completion with your audit documents. Keep the original certificate in your personal files at home. Do not send your certificate to the College unless specifically directed to do so and NEVER send originals.


This course costs $50 and the login credentials are valid for 60 days from the day you receive them. If you need additional time, there is a $25 extension fee. Email if you require an extension.

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Details on payment arrangements will be sent to you by e-mail once your registration form has been processed.


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