Resources and Self-Assessment Tools for IENs

The Atlantic Connection website provides information about working as health professionals in Atlantic Canada. Here you can find specific information about health care professions and their working environments.

The Self-Assessment Readiness Tool© is an online self-assessment that provides internationally educated health professionals with relevant information about whether they are likely to meet the requirements to practice their profession within Atlantic Canada. This process is confidential and measures one’s skill-set against Canadian employer-identified core skills and technical competencies; thus enabling potential applicants to make informed career decisions.  This self-assessment tool is designed to help Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) understand the Canadian licensed practical nursing profession. This tool is offered at no charge to the user and contact information is not shared with third parties. Answers are not recorded or evaluated by anyone other than the individual using the tool for their own self-assessment.

Self-Assessment Readiness Tool for Licensed Practical Nurses

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