Submitting a Complaint

Concerns about a LPNs practice may be sent to the College. A signed letter of complaint is required to initiate the complaint process because the College is unable to act on anonymous complaints. Include as much of the following information as possible in your letter:

  • Full name and, if possible, registration number of the nurse for whom you are complaining.
  • A detailed description of the issues with examples of specific incidents that support the complaint including :dates, times, places, names of those involved or others who have direct knowledge of the behaviour, what happened, how it affected client care, as well as specific standards, workplace policies, procedures or guidelines that have not been met.
  • An outline of any action taken by the employer and others since the unacceptable behaviour was first addressed, and a description of the nurse’s responses to those actions.
  • The date the nurse started working for the employer and, if applicable, when the employment was terminated.

On receipt of a complaint, the Executive Director/Registrar must take one of the following actions:

  1. Refer the matter to the Complaints Committee and send a copy of the complaint to the nurse named in the complaint;
  2. Refer the matter to the Fitness to Practise Committee and send a copy of the complaint to the nurse named in the complaint;
  3. Informally resolve the complaint in the interests of the nurse named in the complaint , the nurse/person making the complaint, the public and the College;
  4. Appoint an investigator to investigate the matter and send a copy of the complaint to the nurse named in the complaint and the investigator.

As the person making the complaint (the respondent) you will be notified when the process is initiated and if necessary, will be contacted to set up an interview with the investigator.

Submit complaints to:
Executive Director/Registrar
College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Nova Scotia
Suite 300
120 Western Parkway
Bedford, Nova Scotia B4B 0V2
(902) 423-8517
Toll Free in NS 1 (800) 718-8517
Fax (902) 425-6811

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