Substantive Equivalent Competence Assessment (SECA)

CLPNNS completes a Substantive Equivalent Competence Assessment (SECA) Phase One (Theory and Clinical Curriculum), as defined in the LPN Regulations Section 2 (1) (c) on all Practical Nursing or Nursing Equivalent Program outside of Canada.  When this assessment is completed, CLPNNS will provide you with a letter outlining the next steps in the registration/licensure process.  During the SECA, if CLPNNS licensing if any further documentation is required to complete the assessment you may be required to submit directly to CLPNNS additional documents to complete the SECA.

If the Substantive Equivalent Competence Assessment includes a Phase Two (Laboratory) and/or Phase Three (Clinical), the fee for the laboratory and/or clinical assessment is paid directly to the approved Vendor.  If the SECA determines that you require remedial education, you will have one year from the determined date to complete the required education.  A written request to extend this timeline by six months may be granted due to extenuating circumstances.  There will be no further extensions.

A Competence Assessment from another Canadian jurisdiction may be accepted in lieu of the applicant completing the assessment in Nova Scotia.  The applicant will be required to complete all remedial education required from the Competence Assessment.

If the program of study is deemed not to be substantively equivalent because the remedial education would be too extensive, the applicant will be notified in writing with the reasons for the decision.  The applicant will be provided information regarding the CLPNNS Registration Appeal Process.