Sue Smith Named Transition Executive Director of CLPNNS

The Board and staff of CLPNNS are pleased to welcome Sue Smith as the Transition Executive Director of CLPNNS effective November 23rd. Sue, also CEO of CRNNS, was appointed by the CLPNNS Board to replace Ann Mann after her planned retirement as Executive Director. Sue brings to this dual role consistency in the co-creation of one nursing regulator, intimate knowledge of the governance and operations of each College and a wealth of expertise in the world of nursing regulation in Nova Scotia and Canada.

“It was important to us as board members that we find the right fit for this position and that we fill this interim role with as little disruption as possible,” explains Jason Reeves, CLPNNS Board Chair. “The creation of one nursing regulator has truly been a ‘co-creation’ from the start so our Board has collaborated and worked quite closely with Sue and the CRNNS Council over the past two years. We knew that the day-to-day operations would be well-managed by Sue and we’ve had a front row seat to watch how she has co-led creation of the new regulator with Ann. I have to say that hiring Sue for this role was an easy decision for us to make.”

The new nursing regulator will be established once a new Act is passed and then proclaimed by government. While the boards and staff of the two Colleges work towards the creation of one nursing regulator, the timing of when the new organization will be established rests with government. As a result, it is necessary to maintain the governance and operations of the Colleges separately until that time.

“This is quite a unique role that Sue will be holding while we await the new Act and one that was supported by the CRNNS Council as well,” says Charmaine McPherson, CRNNS President. “There has been careful consideration given to ensure that the governance and day-to-day operations are managed independently in accordance with our current Acts. At the same time, Sue will continue – as she did with Ann Mann – to lead the two Colleges towards greater opportunities to come together and collaborate wherever possible.”

While Sue will be available and accessible on a full-time basis in each role, she has already hit the ground running in her new capacity and will divide her time between the two College offices until the joint team move into their new Bedford location in mid-December.

Please reach out to Sue or ask us your questions by emailing Missed Ann’s retirement message? Click here to read more.